Tips To Have Safe Car Driving During Monsoon


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The slide car (รถสไลด์; which is the term in Thai) services help to lift the vehicle when necessary. For example, if anyone is driving through wet roads during the rainy season, there will be a chance for cars to slide. In that case, a sliding vehicle can be a great option. Let’s read the article till its end to know how to have a safe drive during monsoon.

Fix The Wipers Before Monsoon Starts

During the summer, the wipers generally don’t have any function. So, you can overlook any issues there when you need it again. You should check the wipers even when you don’t need them. The most common problem with wipers is that it hardens up due to oily fumes and specks of dirt. Due to this problem, there can be scratches in your windshield or get uneven clearing.

Get The Headlight Cracks Fixed

You should take enough maintenance for the headlight, tail light and lamps. Even a tiny crack in the headlight makes the water enter the assemblies and causes fuses and other issues which could be dangerous to tackle.

Before the monsoon starts, you need to keep the headlamp clean. In that case, you can clean it using a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste to rub the glass surface.

Drive Slower Than The Normal Speed

The monsoon period is a bit dangerous for driving, even when you have decades of driving experience. During the rainy season, the car might take time to respond to your input. So, stop making commands repeatedly as they can be jammed and act reversely. It would help if you did not press the brake on wet roads, as it could lead to skidding.

Tyre Test

The tyre performs the most challenging task when you are driving through rain. So, it would help if you considered the idea when you begin to move on wet roads. In that case, check the tyre treads to know whether it can go nice through damp and slippery roads. If the tyre tread is lower than 1.6mm, then get a new tyre soon. Take a one rupee coin and insert it in the tyre. If it sinks barely, then get a new tyre.


These are all the tips to have safe driving in the monsoon season. Following these all, you can have safe driving even in the monsoon season. In case any car gets slipped on the wet road. There will be slide car services who will be there when needed. They help in recovering a car from any condition.

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