3 Signs You Need to Visit Your Bearings Supplier in Singapore


A wheel bearing is a relay of steel balls kept together by a metal ring. The wheel bearings do not have the origin of lubrication. Therefore, they must be tight enough to keep water and road dust out. It is one of the most damaged Nissan or Renault truck parts. Keep an eye out for the following telltale indicators of a damaged wheel bearing.

#1 Humming Noises

Various sounds might exposure when coming from a car. It is critical to distinguish between them to avoid misdiagnosis. Humming noise while driving might be produced by various factors, including your tires, wheel bearing, or CV joint. It is best to immediately have your vehicle checked and learn the availability of Nissan and Renault truck parts from your Singapore supplier.

#2 Growling or Squealing Noises

Cyclic chirping, screeching, or growling noises are common symptoms of a damaged wheel bearing. If the sound fluctuates concerning vehicle speed, you can be sure it’s connected to wheel bearings. Immediately consult with your bearings supplier in Singapore if you sense a problem.

#3 Howling Noises

Howling noises during deceleration is a reliable sign of pinion-bearing preload that is too slack. If the howling occurs when driving the vehicle at different speeds can indicate that the cause is most likely due to worn gears. On the other hand, overly worn bearings generate a howling noise when they don’t support the mechanism.

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