Advanced Automotive Detailing Tips


Sometimes it can feel like a chore when it comes to detailing your vehicle. There is a lot of work and proper techniques to get that perfect finish. You may be wondering how professional detailers can have a spot-free car in such a short amount of time. From internal to external cleaning, it can be time-consuming and tiring, especially if you are not aware of the detailing tips pros use. To make detailing as efficient and quick as possible and preserve your vehicle’s value, here are some incredibly helpful tips to try.

Two-Bucket Method

A common technique professionals use is the two-bucket method. When it comes to washing your vehicle, have two buckets on hand. Fill one with plain rinsing water and the other with soapy water. As you clean, rinse your brush or glove in the plain water bucket before using the soapy water. This allows for any grit and dirt to flush out and prevent paint scratching.

Clean Glass in Two Directions

To prevent glass streaking when cleaning and drying the windows, use different wiping directions when cleaning the outside and inside of the glass. For example, wipe the outside in a vertical direction and for the inside use horizontal. Making a conscious effort to do this, you will be able to know quickly which side of the glass has streaks based on the direction they are going. Resolving the streaks will be much quicker when you skip the guessing phase.

Remove Swirls with Polish, Not Wax

When you see swirl marks on your vehicle, it means there are fine scratches on the paint surface. These are generally caused by using the incorrect cloth or sponge when washing. Some may recommend using car wax to remove the swirls, but the best way is to use high-quality car polish. Car polish works much better in swirl removal while leaving a beautiful finish.

Power Buffers

Power buffers are incredibly helpful when it comes to applying wax to your vehicle. However, do not use one when taking off the wax. Using a power buffer to take the wax off can lead to uneven finishing, burning the paint layer, and unwanted swirls in the coat. It is recommended to remove the wax with a soft dry cloth. It will be a bit more time consuming, but it will result in even wax distribution.

Deodorizing Vents

The buildup of dust, dirt, and moisture in your air vents can cause unwanted smells that circulate throughout your vehicle. One of the best and quickest ways to clean out your vehicle’s vents is by using compressed air. Compressed air will give your car a much fresher overall smell.


With knowing exactly where to start and the right methods to use during your detailing session, you will be able to have amazing results that look professionally done. Remember, automotive detailing professionals strive for perfection, spotless cars are not just for the showroom. With the right techniques and utilizing the detailing pro tips mentioned above, you will be able to achieve that result in your own driveway.

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