When it comes to maintenance of your car the regular washing and cleaning can keep the cargo on for some time. But to bring back that freshness and maintain a car that looks as good as new, the only process is going for deep cleaning. While some owners would take pride in doing it themselves, many owners might want to get it done professionally.  If you own a Chevrolet, you can simply get it done from any Chevrolet service center.

So what does deep cleaning of a vehicle mean, and what does it include? Here’s a brief account of deep cleaning your car that might help you get the picture.

Cleaning Under the Hood

The placed under the hood is the most crucial one, that makes your car run. Cleaning this part isn’t as simple as cleaning any surface as any wrong action can affect the functionality of the mechanism. But that shouldn’t stop you from cleaning it thoroughly, as keeping it dirty will affect its performance level to a great extent as well.

Few precautionary steps while cleaning the engine compartment can make the car breathe well. So, first, let it cool down and then only start the cleaning work. The other thing is to make sure to cover parts like the air intake, the alternator or any other exposed filters with a plastic sheet or bag.

Clean the Car Interior

Deep cleaning the car interior is much more than shaking off the dust on the floor mats or vacuuming the seats and upholstery. Deep cleaning the car interior needs to include machinery that uses compressed air to blow out the dirt and debris from the impossible-to-reach cracks and narrow places to make it easier to vacuum clean them later. If you decide to do it yourself, you can use the tiny brushes or earbuds to clean the tiny spaces, like air vents and dashboard controls and spaces between the seats and center console.


Deep cleaning isn’t an overdoing of maintenance, but a major work that maintains as well as enhances the ratio of safety. When the headlight covers look clouded and oxidized, it will not be able to provide you with the level of visibility you require. Hence the deep cleaning procedure should never skip the headlights.

The Glass Components

Use a clay bar to clean all possible contaminants from all the glass surfaces. Once done, use a glass cleaner liquid that is ammonia-free and use it with a microfiber towel. Make sure to stay away from the sun as much as possible so that the cleaner doesn’t get to evaporate instantly. By rolling down the windows a little you can easily clean it will be easier to clean the top edge, that accumulates more grease and dirt. Use the same glass cleaner on your wiper blades to keep them clean. That will also prevent them from skipping the bits and increase their ability for water removal.

Wrapping Up

Deep cleaning is essential for every car, as that is what it deserves. The result of deep cleaning will bring a smile to your face, as your car will look as fresh as new again. To schedule a deep cleaning service for your car, choose a reliable center like the Seaside Chevrolet service who are experts in this.

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