Tools You Need For Effective Scrap Car Removal in Toronto


Vehicles have a lifespan just like other large machines. The breakdown of different car parts and systems result in junk or scrap cars that aren’t worth keeping anymore.

Considering that most households in Toronto have junk cars, this scenario can present an opportunity for you if you would like to start a scrap car removal business to help households get rid of their scrap cars. To run your business successfully, there are some tools you must invest in for removing scrap cars.

Without further ado, here are the tools you need for effective scrap car removal in Toronto.

1. Pliers

You need pliers for removing the old car parts from an old car that is meant to be scrap. The best pliers to use for removing car parts in a junk car are locking pliers. These pliers are designed for keeping stubborn parts like bolts and nuts in place. Locking pliers are also designed for doing multiple tasks such as wire cutting, prying, and gripping metallic parts. You can still use other types of pliers such as channel lock pliers, needle nose pliers, and type-side-cutters.

2. Medium-Size Hammer

A medium-size hammer is an essential tool you must-have for your scrap car removal needs. It enables you to dismantle car parts that have been held together by tough bonds. The bonds may be as a result of grime or compressed engine fluids. Nevertheless, you have to use the hammer safely while breaking through tough metal parts, lest you end up destroying other valuable car parts.

3. A-frame

An A-frame is designed to help you remove the entire engine of the junk car. Before junk cars are disposed of, the engines have to be removed first. With this tool, you can remove several engines fast, safely and easily.

4. Screwdrivers

Car components are tightly held together with screws. Since you must get rid of all the car components to ensure the car is complete scrap, you have to get screwdrivers of various sizes to help you loosen different types of screws. The screwdrivers you use for loosening car components must be made from high-quality metal such as steel to ensure they are strong enough to loosen even the tightest screws.

5. Ratchet Wrenches

Ratchet wrenches are quite important when it gets to loosening bolts or nuts. When removing certain car parts, you will notice that some parts are tightly held together by screws and bolts at very inconvenient places. This is where ratchet wrenches come in handy, considering that these tools are designed to help with loosening nuts and bolts in extremely tight spaces where common pliers can access.

6. Lifting Crane

After dismantling all components of the car, you have to lift the scrap car to a towing vehicle for it to be taken to a scrapyard. Given their huge and heavy nature, scrap cars can be difficult for humans to lift. As such, you have to get a lifting crane to lift your scrap cars with ease.

Removing scrap cars from different homes and business premises throughout Toronto can be an easy task if you have the right scrap car removal tools. Invest in the right tools before setting up your scrap car removal business in Toronto.

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