What Mazda Offers Through its 2020 Edition of 3 Series


The 3 series from Mazda has always contributed the segment of compact cars with beautifully designed sedans and hatchbacks that met the expectations of the buyers since years of its commencement. It is now the 2020 year edition of Mazda 3 series that is filling up the showrooms and roads, and of course the garages of the new proud owners.

Mazda claims that with this 2020 edition of its 3 Series sedans and hatchbacks it has punched a weight above its class in many respects. From the user’s side we will agree to the point especially in terms of an upmarket interior, excellent handling, and the new option to drive it with all-four-wheels. When we asked a renowned Porter Mazda dealer about what the onlookers have to say, they agreed to our points while adding a couple of virtues to our list.

From the Critics View

If you ask the auto critics, even the hardest of them will agree that few models of this compact car segment could achieve this much perfection in maintaining a balance between frugality and practicality, like what the 2020 Mazda 3 is offering.

Mazda made its 3 series sedan and hatchback models go strong on power with the help of a couple of inline-4 engines that are given the rightly geared transmissions both automatic and manual. The lineup again bifurcates into the options of front-wheel or all-wheel drives.

But to put it together, the critics say, Mazda has put its best foot forward in presenting the 2020 edition of 3 series as a counter option to the over-hyped models of crossovers and SUVs. And that the temptation it could generate to go crossover free has proved to be immensely strong.

Trim Variants

Mazda lines up its 2020 year 3 series in the sedan and hatchback guises, in which the trims remain almost the same in both the body types, which is the Base, Select, Preferred, and Premium trim levels, though the hatchback skips the Select trim level this year.

The year 2020 also sees the Mazda 3 series get armed with a full suite of collision-avoidance technologies across the entire range which was previously seen as standard only on Select and still higher trims.

Power Play

The 2020 Mazda 3 series models see a 2.5-liter inline-4 engine to power most of the models which are rated at 186 horsepower and are unexpectedly more powerful than it appears. Not only it is more than adequate for a compact car of this size, but it also sets up higher aspirations for those who love to drive.

What do the Drivers Say

We asked those who prefer to sit behind the wheels at the Porter Mazda dealership showroom about the 2020 Mazda 3 series driving experience. They appreciated the sedan models more than the hatchbacks, saying that they deliver exquisite handling characteristics that reminded them of driving high-end expensive cars, and that was indeed a rare compliment the automaker has received. They also appreciated the smooth shifting of the 6-speed automatic transmission that comes standard on all trims except for the range-topping Premium hatchback but were over the moon to share their experience with the 6-speed manual, which has now become a delicacy in the automotive market menu.

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