Looking At The Vehicle Identifier Section Shown By A VIN Lookup Tool


You must remember that the number that appears in the VIN may vary because it is based on a specific mathematical formula developed by the US Department of Transportation. Therefore, when you look up your VIN in a decoder such as VIN lookup, you must know about the exact numbers that indicate the correct details of your car. The most important section of the VIN is the VIS or Vehicle Identifier Section. This is the section that is denoted by the last eight elements of the VIN which is are the digits 10 to 17. This is the complete breakup.

The tenth position

The number on the tenth position of the vehicle identification number is very crucial. This number denotes a letter that indicates the year of the specific car model. If you see anyone letter from B to Y, it indicates the manufacturing year of the car corresponding to the model years 1981 to 2000. However, you must know that in this position the VIN will never have letters I, O, Q, U, or Z. The reason behind this is that any car manufactured after 2001 till 2009 will be denoted by numbers 1 to 9 instead of letters. The letter will again start to indicate a 2010 model and will continue till 2030.

Positions 11 to 17

The number or letter you find in the eleventh position of the VIN denotes the plant in which the vehicle was manufactured and assembled. Each of the vehicle makers will have their unique set of plant codes. At last, the six digits from position 12 to position 17 are the numbers that denote the production sequence. This is the number assigned to each new car on the assembly line. Therefore, if you are confused about the VIN number, keep this list handy for proper identification of your car.

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