Importance of Knowing Car Dealers Tricks


Car dealers are individuals who have the right to sell new or used cars to customers. They arrange dealership contracts with an automobile company or its sales subsidiary to sell new cars, providing maintenance services for cars and taxis. This company hires salespeople as employees to sell their automotive vehicles. These salespeople directly contact customers and communicate with them to finish a deal. They also provide services to the cars by employing technicians to check the problem or damage that happened to the car. They sell spare parts required to repair the damage. They usually have a stock of these cars’ spare parts for repair. These dealership companies provide warranty to the cars they sell either they are new ones or used ones. The main goal of these automotive dealership companies is to sell as many cars as possible to the customers. The main revenue source for car dealership companies is generated through servicing the cars. The Sacramento Dealership takes the franchise from a specific car company. Very rarely some car dealers have dealership contracts with more than one automotive company and sell both the company’s cars. They build big showrooms generally at the outskirts of the city with sufficient manpower for both selling and servicing.

Top tricks played by car dealers:

 The main goal of a car dealership company is to sell cars so that their reputation with the car company improves beneficially. Used cars in Sacramento dealers have some marketing strategies to follow in order to increase their sales. Showing less interest rates at the showrooms attracts many customers to buy a car through financing. Actually, true car interest rates will be high as cars are more prone to damage, depreciation, theft, etc. The trick here is car dealers will increase the purchase price of the vehicle to recover the amount missed from giving a low interest rate. So, always a customer should fix the deal price first with the dealers and then discuss the mode of payment that is either taking finance or paying the full amount. All dealers have similar delivery times of getting new cars from manufactures to their showrooms. So, if any dealer tells that he is getting the car in a month where all other dealers are getting in four months, then that particular dealer is playing a trick with the customer. Unless there is a new car in stock he cannot deliver the new car on time. By playing this trick, the car dealer takes the booking amount from the customer who is looking to get the new car as soon as possible, and later by the time of delivery the dealer informs the customer that the car is not available now and will get the car only after three months. This way sometimes the customer cancels the booking and most of the time the customer will wait for the rest of the time to get his new car.

Coming to the tricks played by dealers to sell used cars, a dealer offers an ex-demo car to a customer who is looking to buy used cars in good conditions. Here, in this case, the offer given to that demo is to be compared with the brand new ones. Usually, these demo cars have a high price when compared with used cars by people. But demo cars are used roughly by more number of customers coming to the showroom. So, it is always better to compare this with the new car price in every aspect and take the optimum decision. Dealers post ads on the best price for used cars to attract customers. Once customers go to the showroom to buy the car, he or she may not find the car and is told that it is sold. If it is true that there are used cars with good condition and good price, dealers will find you another one with the best price otherwise customer must be careful on buying used cars from that dealer. So, always customers instead of paying full RRP for the new ones in exchange to low trade-in value, or should pay the remaining amount obtained by lessening the trade-in value from the RRP of the new one.

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