What Color of Car Has Got Maximum Popularity?


As per the survey made about the trends of car’s color, maximum people have voted for white color, which is the global winner for the year 2019 color race. White has been the winner for the last 9 consecutive years and hence 38{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5} of the vehicles manufactured are in white, then followed by black that is at 19{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}, gray 13{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}, and then silver 10{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}.

However, in North America, this order is slightly different. Here the orders are as follows:

  • White 29{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}
  • Black 19{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}
  • Gray 17{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}
  • Silver 11{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}

In Europe however, white is in the second spot with 24{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5} of all cars and gray being at 23{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5}.

Almost 50 years back, in the year 1961, blue was the top choice with 26{ee344d7987bd430e7eed0ae0feced3958137fc997cbe105214194d305965eae5} in North America’s most cars were manufactured in that color. Few companies like Discover Everlasting also offer the service of car paint enhancement Idaho so that you can keep the color of your car well protected.

Color tastes change

During the earliest days, when automobiles had started setting their feet in the market, most cars were termed as horseless carriages as people were more familiar with carriages that were driven by horses.

Usually, most of the horse-drawn carriages were painted using a dignified black color. The paint quality during those days was however quite poor, and soon all automobile owners realized that all their shiny new vehicles faded to sickly yellow color very quickly.

When the well-known company called Ford Motor Company started manufacturing one of their iconic Model T, then it was made available in different colors in contrast to the legend.

After the year 1913, the company started turning all cars into black color and then created a new kind of process of car paint by using a certain hard-wearing and asphalt-based paint that could get dried up quickly. During those days, however, no car paint enhancement was prevalent as it is today.

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