Chevrolet Lemon Laws and What They Protect


Chevrolet is a brand of American car which is proud of the classy cars and trucks that they can provide their customers. But that is not the case with all Chevy vehicles. Some of these purchased vehicles are leaving customers very unhappy and are considered a Chevrolet lemon under both federal and state laws. Every state has its own lemon laws with all lemon laws stating that the vehicle could be considered a lemon if it:

• Has a significant deficiency in safety.
• Unable to use your vehicle.
• Cannot be repaired in what is considered a reasonable number of attempts.

Chevy lemon laws

If you have a vehicle that is still under its original warranty, this will give you a good start. There are protection laws for consumers both at the state and federal level for any Chevrolets that are currently under a warranty program. If you have taken the vehicle in for a reasonable number of attempts at repair while still under warranty, or if it is been not working for what would be considered an extended time period while under a program of warranty, there is a fair likelihood you have a lemon. There are ways to get Chevy lemon law help.

Defects covered

Some of the defects that might be experienced can include, but are certainly not limited to – even if part of a Chevrolet recall – are:

• Issues with rear suspension
• Airbag malfunctions
• Electrical issues
• Oil leakage;
• Transmission failure
• Axles that are weak
• Malfunctioning parking brake
• Recall by Chevy

Expert attorneys

There are many attorneys who are experts in local Chevy lemon law and can help you file claims under this law. They know about all recent Chevrolet recalls and know exactly what to do when using these lemon laws for Chevy Cruze and other models. Manufacturers will try to fight any of these lemon law claims but you can be helped to get the buyback you deserve. Your Chevy lemon law buyback could just be one phone call away.

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