Which is better Innova Crysta petrol or diesel?


Here is an article that will help people in knowing about both petrol and diesel Innova Crysta. Read this article carefully to make a proper decision which car should be bought which not. Let’s discuss both the variants of Innova Crysta. Have a look.


First of all, we will talk about the mileage of Innova Crysta. The Toyota Innova Crysta is having a mileage of 10.58 km/l to 13.58 km/l. But both the variants i.e. petrol and diesel have different mileages. The mileage for petrol variant of this car is around 10.58 km/l to 11.28 km/l. On the other side, the diesel variant is having a mileage of 12.28 km/l to 13.58 km/l.

By checking the mileage of both the variants, we have come to a point that Innova Crysta diesel is better than the petrol one. If you want to buy this car, you can easily check the Toyota Innova 2.5 v on-road price.


Both the variants of Innova Crysta are having the body type as MUV. This is the best body type that makes the look of the car classy and attractive.  These are the cars that are available for both manual and automatic transmission. Hence, this is a feature that plays an important role in attracting people.

If you are planning to buy this car, then go and check the Toyota Innova on road price list. This will help you a lot to make a decision which car variant to buying which not.


Toyota Innova Crysta is having seating space for 7 people. Both the variants of a car is having the same seating capacity. But the fuel tank capacity is different. For the petrol variant, the fuel tank capacity is 65 whereas in diesel variant it is 55.

Now, we will talk about the torque power of both the variants. The petrol variant is having 245 Nm of maximum torque power @ 4000 rpm. Whereas diesel variant is having 345 Nm of maximum torque power @ 2800 rpm. Hence, this is the other specification that tells us that the diesel variant of this car is much better than petrol.

You can check Innova petrol on-road price if you want to buy that.


Both cars are having attractive interiors. Let’s have a look to know more.

PETROL VARIANT: Innova Crysta petrol variant has Tachometer, Digital Clock, Globe Compartment, Outside Temperature Display as well as Fabric Upholstery.

DIESEL VARIANT: On the other hand, the diesel variant is having so many other exciting features also. Some of the features are Leather Seats, Leather Steering Wheel, Adjustable Driver Seat as well as Steering.

After knowing about the interiors also you will see that diesel variant is better.


PETROL VARIANT: Petrol variant has the availability of anti-lock braking system, touch screen infotainment. Driver Bags and Air conditioners are also available in this car.

DIESEL VARIANT: This is a variant having a touch screen as well as Multi-functional steering wheel. The anti-lock braking system is available. There is the availability of driver’s airbags as well as passenger airbags.

Therefore, Innova on road price in India is around 14.93 lakhs to 23.47 lakhs.

After, reading this article you will come to a point that diesel variant of Innova Crysta is much better.

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