Can I increase the performance of my engine?


Once you buy a motorcycle you should know that an inevitable part is that modifications are a must. It doesn’t matter whether you will have to get motorbike spares or you have to upgrade some of the bike’s functions. Every motorcyclist is always willing to increase the performance of their bike. There are so many ways of improving a bike’s power but before that, we have to explore the reasons as to why most motorcyclists choose this option.

Why Increase the Performance of a Bike

Here are some of the reasons why people decide to improve the performance of their engines:

The main reason is the love for speed. A good engine means increased speed and one of the best ways to achieve this is by increasing the performance. Another reason is that at times a rider might want to go off-road and there is no better way to ride on a muddy, slushy and water-filled rail than with a stronger engine. You will definitely need a lot of power to sustain such kinds of rides.

How to Increase the Performance of your Engine

In case you want a faster and easier ride here are some of the tips on how you can get motorbike spares and increase the power and engine performance:

  • Air filters-one of the easiest ways to increase an engine’s power is by increasing the air intake. You can upgrade these parts so that cleaner air gets through easily. This will result in more combustion and more power at the end of the day. Again, using a mushroom head on the air intake works wonders by increasing the intake. However, you should be prepared for increased fuel consumption.
  • Modifying ignition-once you modify your ignition, you get a greater control angle and you will only need a little kick. Since ignition is the only way you are able to ignite fuel and air into the engine, it is advisable you modify it a little bit. For instance, you can get a platinum-plated spark plug that will create stronger sparks.
  • Fuel filtration-for more efficient combustion you should get high-quality fuel filters since they purify the fuel before it gets to the engine. By doing so you will keep the engine clean and maintain its performance.
  • Lighter parts-they tend to increase the ability of the bike to speed up because a rider uses less force to work against. You can purchase parts that are made of steel since they are strong and durable. However, aluminum and titanium parts are the best since they are lighter. However, installing them can be a little expensive but it is worth the trial.
  • A custom exhaust-this will increase horsepower since it allows more air intake and there is less restriction of gases. Apart from that, it also looks and sounds much better. You can choose to replace the muffler and just use a slip-on instead of a full replacement. However, if you are in a good position a full replacement is the best option.

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