How to Find the Best Non-Military Movers in Your Location?


Military members have to move their family and things very quickly when they receive PCS notice. The government generally pays the shipping charges for only POV and not for private vehicles. This is the reason why most of the military members choose non-military movers for moving their vehicles quickly. Some of the movers allow you to keep your baggage in the car. However, discuss with them it before you hire them to avoid any disputes later.

Remember military POV car shipping charges will only be paid for the active military members. Are you worrying about your vehicle safety? Don’t worry! Almost all the military non-movers transport your personal vehicle with extreme care. However, it is wise to consider the following things while hiring non-military movers to stay safe.


Professionalism is very important when it comes to non-military movers. A company with such values makes sure that your vehicle reaches your home on time without any delay.


The more the experience, the better the services will always be. Hire a well-experienced company for more safe services.

Driver Identity Proofs:

Check the identity proofs of the driver before hiring, especially the driving license. Doing this will help you in keeping your vehicle safe during the process of shipping. Hiring a non-professional for your vehicle transport can put your vehicle at risk. In fact, the possibility of damage will be very high if you hire a non-professional.  Hence, you have to make sure that you hire a professional service provider always.


Most of the reputed companies hire drivers only after doing proper background verification. They also train their drivers about various different things to make sure that your vehicle reaches your home safely. Hence, choose the services of a reputed company, if you are looking for the best services. Check the websites online to know about the reputed non-military vehicle movers in your location.


Choose top rated service providers always for more secured services. There are plenty of sites online where you can find the customer ratings of different non-military vehicle movers. A low rating indicates that they deliver poor services. Avoid hiring such companies to stay relaxed and tension free.

Shipment Fee:

Choose the company that offers you its services at a reasonable fee. Compare the quotes of different companies and choose the best from them. Offering the services at a low price doesn’t mean that they deliver poor services. Similarly, if some company is delivering its services at a high price, it doesn’t mean that they offer excellent services. Service quality always depends on the kind of team which they have. Do proper research if you look at offers in online and then take a decision.

Ship a Car, Inc is one of the best non-military vehicles shipping company. They also offer golf cart transport services as well. Contact their support team online to get a clear picture about their services. As this company has well-experienced drivers, you can stay relaxed now by hiring them.

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